25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


This new thing that's going around Facebook right now called "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" should have one more thing added to it. The 26th thing should be "Are you willing to allow scammers and thieves access to your banking and other personal online information?" And if you completed the first 25, your answer should be … [Read more...]

Is Facebook cracking down on Profiles?

what you'll see when your FB profile is deleted

Real Estate Agents - listen up!  I have a friend who is a car guy.  Incredibly nice guy, incredibly cool car.  That's an M4. If you are into BMW you might know that internally the M4 is referred to as an F82. He's kind of popular and on most other social media platforms everyone knows him as @GregFeightytwo.  See what he did there? He's the … [Read more...]

Why I deleted 2 of the most highly touted Apps

water kettle

Recently two Apps for the phone became available.  I downloaded them the minute they became available.  Heck, one of them I was even a beta tester for. Today I deleted both of them. I've always been a big Alton Brown fan and one thing that he can't stand in his kitchen is what he calls a Unitasker.  That's a kitchen tool that does just … [Read more...]

Facebook 101: Understanding Your News Feed


The first thing you see when you log into Facebook is what is called your News Feed. This is the stream of posts from your friends and their friends. It's filled with inspirational quotes, funny videos, photos and more.  It's generally here that you'll comment, like and click to read some of the linked blog posts.  It's this stream where we … [Read more...]

a Stripped Down Facebook

4 columns of distraction

Here's something you didn't know.  There's a fully functioning version of Facebook out there that's stripped down to the bare bones.  It's kind of like Distract Free WordPress (if you know what I mean). Here's what your typical Facebook looks like on a desktop: Obviously, I placed red stuff just to show you what each of these things … [Read more...]

STOP Sharing Stolen Videos!


No doubt you've see posts in your Facebook newsfeed of cute, astonishing, and unbelievable videos. They are fun to watch, right?  You may have also shared them with your friends. But what if I told you that video was stolen? Yup! Flat out Pirated from somewhere like YouTube and then uploaded to Facebook as if somebody took it themselves.  It's … [Read more...]

The Scoble Method is going to save you time.


I'm going to make this post short and sweet.  (and that's going to save you time too!) Let's assume you don't use a Feed Reader.  That's ok. It's first thing in the morning and you head over to Facebook.  You have 1,000 friends who have all posted pictures of their oatmeal or yet some boring cat video.  Or worse yet they've reposted the same … [Read more...]

Why I hid my Birthday on Facebook

Hiding my Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday.  I'm now 54 years old.  I've never been ashamed of my age, never shied away from a party or celebration, and always appreciated a bit of the spotlight - yet a few months ago I decided to hide my birthday from the people of Facebook. Here's why. 1.  Facebook does a great job alerting all your friends when it's … [Read more...]

Testing the new Facebook App for Android

Android Facebook Invite

So I got a new phone yesterday.  I was tossing around between the iphone 5, 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4.  I even asked what people what they thought over on Facebook.   Post by Mike Mueller. In the end, I thought it best to go with the Galaxy S4.  I'll have a post about the 'why' soon.  I logged into Facebook today and was greeted by … [Read more...]

Testing the new Facebook Embed Feature

Mike in a Kilt

Over the weekend I was walking around the Scottish Games in my Kilt. We took a picture, posted it to Facebook and the comments started rolling in. I've been wanting to try the new ability to embed a post from Facebook into a post and this one seemed to be the perfect for testing.  My post was public on my Facebook Profile. My big question is how … [Read more...]