Why I hid my Birthday on Facebook

Hiding my Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday.  I'm now 54 years old.  I've never been ashamed of my age, never shied away from a party or celebration, and always appreciated a bit of the spotlight - yet a few months ago I decided to hide my birthday from the people of Facebook. Here's why. 1.  Facebook does a great job alerting all your friends when it's … [Read more...]

Testing the new Facebook App for Android

Android Facebook Invite

So I got a new phone yesterday.  I was tossing around between the iphone 5, 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4.  I even asked what people what they thought over on Facebook.   Post by Mike Mueller. In the end, I thought it best to go with the Galaxy S4.  I'll have a post about the 'why' soon.  I logged into Facebook today and was greeted by … [Read more...]

Testing the new Facebook Embed Feature

Mike in a Kilt

Over the weekend I was walking around the Scottish Games in my Kilt. We took a picture, posted it to Facebook and the comments started rolling in. I've been wanting to try the new ability to embed a post from Facebook into a post and this one seemed to be the perfect for testing.  My post was public on my Facebook Profile. My big question is how … [Read more...]

Turn off the Facebook Notification ‘BeeBoop’


Facebook recently updated the website and made a few changes.  I'm not sure if it was intentional, but they turned on the notification 'Bee-Boop' for everyone.  Like a smoke detector with bad batteries in a white trash trailer, some people seem to not even notice it. For me, that BEE-BOOP was driving me crazy. It looks like it was bothering … [Read more...]


Facebook Search

They are absolutely right - Facebook search sucks! Wait! Change that. <insert screeching record needle sound> Facebook Search did suck until last Tuesday when they announced their new upcoming search engine. Sorry, I can't find an embeddable version of the Facebook Video, but go check out … [Read more...]

Facebook Group Message Spam


I'm not a fan of Spam - yeah who is? I'm also very aware of phishing techniques and there's a new one out there that's catching people. One of your friends on Facebook will group message a bunch of people with a link that seemingly goes to Facebook. It doesn't. It's a redirect to a phishing site that will do bad things to your computer, your … [Read more...]

The power of a profile picture

My Current Facebook Profile Pic

I came across this story but it was a small incident last Friday that prompted me to write a post about it. Here's a feel good story about a high school Goalie who was having a rough time. I liked the story, loved the video.  It shows the immense power that images hold in our lives and the incredible good that can come from something so … [Read more...]

How to BLOCK Every Facebook App

peace and quiet

I like the peaceful tranquility of my social sphere in Facebook. Typically my friends are low maintenance and have little conflict in their lives.  I tend to filter out the drama queens. From time to time that peace is interrupted by noise and distraction. Earlier I showed you how to Block an App called "The Ville".  It was one of those new … [Read more...]

No Politics on my Facebook

Flag Hand

No, that's not a request, nor is it a demand. It's a statement Flashback to July 2012. For 21 consecutive days the Tour de France was broadcast on TV.  The broadcast started live at 5 am every morning with the race finishing somewhere around 10 am pacific time.  While I love watching the race, I had work to do.  I recorded the race on the DVR … [Read more...]

Facebook Fail: Business operating as a Profile

This is a Page with a blatant cover photo violation

No doubt you've heard that it's against the Terms of Service to use your Facebook Profile in a commercial way. But EVERYONE does it... Yes, we do.  Even I do (on a small scale from time to time).  You do too?  Don't worry, we'll just keep that between us. As a refresher, remember Facebook specifically has 3 different 'entities' in which we can … [Read more...]