A post a day – Blogging is NOT Dead

There I was, looking at the upcoming month of April.  A few conferences to attend or speak at, a few outside appointments, just an average looking month.  Excluding weekends, I quickly counted the number of weekdays.  21.  Lucky number 21.

Normally I write as often as the whimsy hits me but I started to think, could I manage a blog post a day for all 21 days?

Yes I could.  I know I can.  Sometimes I have to hold back from posting stuff.  Can you post too often?

But let’s make this public, said I…  So I popped over to Facebook between periods of a Hockey game I was watching and posted this

No rules, just commit.  Write 1,500 words or write less than 100!  Photo Blog, Video Blog, it’s whatever you like.

I guess that makes it official.   So this is Blog Post #1 of my 21 day challenge.  Each weekday I’ll have another post, all posting at 5 a.m Pacific time but I probably won’t make much more noise about the “challenge” again.

Here’s a bit of link love for the other contestants.

First to commit was Bill Cobb who will be posting on his ActiveRain Blog http://activerain.com/blogs/batonrougerealestate

It’s no secret that Chris Griffith is a blogging machine with her http://lifeinbonitasprings.com/ HINT: if you ever get a chance to see her at a REBarCamp make sure you make that session.  You’ll thank me for it.  But she also played the Shame Game to get Cyndee Hayden to commit and it worked!

Cyndee Haydon rocks out the video and blogs over at http://www.clearwaterrealestatetampahomes.com/

Next was J Phillip Faranda who posts many places but will be using his “Home Base” at http://westchesterrealestateblog.net/

Diane Haley Brooks is going strong on her http://tuesdaysintempleton.com/

Jason Farris might double down and write a post for two completely different blogs with two completely different scopes!  I know he’s crazy busy but he’s got http://www.fresyes.com/ and http://cruwinecompany.com/ to maintain.

Jackie Wells says she can tap them all out in a day (and she probably could) for her http://www.bestoftahoeproperty.com/blog/

Monika Mahler McGillicuddy tossed her http://monikamcgillicuddy.com/wordpress/ blog into the ring as did Carole Sanek with her http://greatertampabayarearealestateinfo.com/.  CAROLE SANEK wanted her name in LIGHTS (I hope she sees it now – lol!)

Roger Colton who writes http://www.theblueparrot.info is in.

Lane Bailey who writes a ton of posts for many different blogs says he’s in with his http://coolcaroftheday.com – He’s a car guy and there’s no shortage of cool cars to a car guy.  Do you think he’ll write about the 1972 Ford Pinto anytime soon?

Almost late to the party was Melissa Brown Riley with her http://www.westportpost.com – Melissa, I joke, there is no Late.  Welcome Aboard!

Learning from the best (CG) I personally shamed Jeremy Blanton into writing on his http://www.210consulting.com/.  If either of us fails we’ll have to dress as a chicken and stand on a busy corner for a day.  Hey, it’s a bet.  JB also took the time to video respond to my challenge.  Check it out

Just added Ann Cummings who had not published a post since…

  Awesome Ann!

And the ever busy, Debbie Kirkland and her http://blog.homesalesoftallahassee.com/

Diane suggested tweeting the posts with a hashtag #21in21 so I’m going with it.

I took all the above blogs, grabbed their RSS and put it in this handy dandy widget:

With one click you subscribe to each of the blogs like I have and get the daily posts in your FeedReader.

Blogging is not dead, it’s very much alive.  What say you?  Want to join in on the challenge?  Maybe even shame your online friends?  (hey, I’m all for that).  Just drop a link to your blog in the comments and join us.
And guess what? Know who wins in the end?  You do!  (and your readers)

Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

A former professional hand model, Mike now builds Custom WordPress Blogs that rock!

He's an avid hockey fan, rides a mountain bike, a few motorcycles (a really fast one and a really slow one), he loves strong beer and good red wine.
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  • Dave Phillips

    Im torn….i know I SHOULD do this….but I also am worried that I wont be able to come up with good content for 21 different posts!

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

      Dave – real estate is easy.  Write about your listings like you do, write about the town, the parks, the government, the restaurants, the markets, the streets and highways and on and on. My wife (and other genealogists) would love it if you wrote about churches and cemeteries.  I know that’s harder in rural areas like yours but still possible.

      Besides I disagree with the idea that every post needs to be an award winning post.  the idea is to get in the habit of writing.  Next month, you can start writing more for quality.
      Just my opinion, eh?

    • http://210consulting.com/ Jeremy Blanton

      Dave, there is plenty to write about regarding Real Estate.  The best place to find ideas to start is your inbox.  Simply start asking the questions people ask you. Then, look at other blogs for ideas.  And like Mike said, write about other things in your area.  People want to know more things than just real estate.  Not everything needs to be RE focused.

  • http://www.NewHampshireMaineRealEstate.com/ Ann Cummings

    OK, I need something to get me back in the game with blogging, so count me in as well Mike!
    My blog is http://www.NewHampshireRealEstateForSale.com  
    I’m a little behind at this point but I WILL make up for it!  😉

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

       Ann you are in.  Had a small issue finding the right RSS (maybe you should talk to Jay about that).  Yay!

  • Debbie Kirkland

    Sign My RSS up!   http://www.TalkTallahassee.com ! Game on with the rest of the winners.. I started last night.. does that count?  

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

       You are in, baby!


  • http://twitter.com/monikamcg Monika McGillicuddy

    Still can’t get my RSS Mike?

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

      Haven’t tried – did Jay fix it?  what’s the RSS?

  • CaroleSanek

    I see my blog title there cool beans

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

       and I just made your name a little brighter – can you see it now? 

  • Lesley Lambert

    Too late to join?  I blogged today! 

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

       Never too late!  Welcome to the party!

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  • http://lifeinbonitasprings.com Chris

    Hey, Jeremy … need a hand with writing those blog posts? teehee

    • http://210consulting.com Jeremy Blanton

      I’ve got it covered :)

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  • http://www.somdexpert.com jonbenya

    I Wish I had heard about this at the start!

    • http://AreWeConnected.com mikemueller

       Jon – LOL!  This is where I am supposed to say something witty and suggest you subscribe to my newsletter (feedburner email delivery). 
      Seriously, we’ve been having a great time and learning something along the way.  Today is day 17.  Might just do it all again soon.  #21in21