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Blogging is not dead but the art of commenting on posts is certainly on the ‘endangered species’ list.

You might have heard me say before that I read 200+ posts a day.  I do so using my feedreader, not by going to 200 websites to see if anything is new.  That’s pretty passive of me.  I’m actively, but passively, consuming content.  I can do better.

Well, there’s 20 workdays left in the month and I’m going to use my FeedReader and do something about that.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to leave more comments.


One of my pet peaves on ActiveRain was the point system where you received 25 points for commenting.  The more you commented the more points you collected and the higher you ranked.  That of course led to mindless comment dribble like “Great post, bookmarked for further reading!”.  Are we over that yet?

Commenting for the sake of leaving a comment is pretty darn close to spam.  A real comment should happen only after reading and digesting the entire post.  A real comment should start or continue the conversation that the post started – shouldn’t it?


By the way:  For the month of February, I read the posts in my feedreader on my smartphone.  Guess what happened when I wanted to leave a comment?  That’s right.  Your site wasn’t mobile friendly.  :(

Want to be added to my Feedreader?  Leave a comment on this post with your blog URL and maybe…  Just maybe, I’ll leave a (quality) comment!


Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

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He's an avid hockey fan, rides a mountain bike, a few motorcycles (a really fast one and a really slow one), he loves strong beer and good red wine.
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  • Ken Montville

    Back in the day, I heard that leaving commenting was what helped build relationships. You comment on my blog, I comment on your blog and the relationship builds or people see the comments and visit both blogs and pagewiews increase. I often heard that commenting causes backlinging, then I heard that they’re all nofollow links and they basically do nothing.

    Alternately, I found that some people read my blog and then comment on social media – mostly Facebook.

    Then there’s always the challenge of commenting on a blog post that really doesn’t encourage a comment. What can you say about a post that shows a housing shortage in College Park, MD (shameless self promotion) or a chart that looks like a mountain range or a description of a really cool farmer’s market.

    At some point, blogs (at least in real estate) became more about pulling in Google with keywords. Granted, if no one finds your blog among the gazillion that exist, it doesn’t matter Yet, blog posts about “the market did this or that” or “I found the coolest gadget” don’t need comments. They’re just there.

    So, long winded comment on your post about comments.

    Maybe I should have stuck with “Great post. I’m bookmarking this siite. Coming back for more great content.”

    PS..Write something on this phenomenon call Content Marketing. Like, isn’t everything, “content”?

    • mikemueller

      I love ya!
      And not only for leaving comments, but opinionated comments!

      True – most of the posts I see don’t call for a comment. Funny thing is, they are written for SEO. Market Data Reports and the like.

      I once wrote a post on activerain How to Comment and with tongue firmly in cheek, I listed 50 of the most mind numbing lines people there used. Strangely enough, it wasn’t featured – LOL!

      My challenge is going to be just that, a challenge. I won’t even try to manufacture opportunities to comment BUT… if and when I see real place to comment, I will.

      Speaking of which, one thing leads to another. I saw you connect with Julie McCoy over on G+, followed along to her profile and am now reading her blog. We have cars in common – fast ones with R8 in the title. You can bet I’m leaving her a comment (just to start the conversation)!

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  • Susan Johnson Goulding

    You are so right. Blogging it typically a solo sport. no input from others. It is the one thing about ActiveRain, instant feedback — or given some is just for 25 points, but some really mean it and the people actually READ what you wrote..

    Blog – what blog?

    • mikemueller

      LOL! It surprises me sometimes. I go along writing and writing thinking few are reading and then out of the blue someone pops up and says something like “I’ve been reading your posts for years!”
      My inside response is always, “Really?” followed by tears of joy but on the outside I mask it and usually manage to say something techy like, “Yeah I know, I watch my analytics pretty close”.