WordPress Basics: The Quick Draft

quick draft entry screen

Have you ever been in the middle of working on something when a great idea hits you for a blog post? 5 minutes later, the thought is gone? (yeah that happens to me all the time) WordPress has a great and underutilized feature called Quick Draft - here's how to make the most of it and never forget another great post idea again! For those not … [Read more...]

On and On about Online Reviews

Recommendations on Linkedin

Online Reviews are great but there's 2 sides to the coin. I'm not talking about good vs bad. I'm talking about Internet Surfers vs the Website Visitor. Here's how to cover both. At the Inman Connect Conference this last week one of the major buzzwords was "Online Reviews".  Instead of giving you everything - here's just three to setup this … [Read more...]

WordPress Basics: Archive Pages

McDowell Roots

One of the wonderful things that WordPress does is organize things with the 'Archive' function.  It's kind of magical in a way. When I hear the word "Archive" I tend to think of hiding or putting something away. Archiving emails makes them disappear from your inbox.  Linkedin has an "archive" box and I'm not sure where they go either - … [Read more...]

Is this still really happening? Really!?!


A while ago I posted a response to a question I saw in a Linkedin Group about closing down a WordPress site and just going with Linkedin long format posts.  A friend of mine sent me this.  Same thought, different platform.  This happened on Facebook. Now if I could find an "Amy" I could start my own segment called... (kinda NSFW, more like … [Read more...]

WordPress Tip #821: Schedule Posts

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

I not here.  I'm on vacation, riding my bike and strumming my mandolin somewhere in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe right now (yes I'm GoPro'ng it). I actually wrote this post sometime last week, knowing I would be away. But this isn't just a "Hey, I'm on Vacation" post.  It's also an instructional post on how to do this (plus a look … [Read more...]

What is and do I need Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive design? There are two kinds of sites you'll see on your phone.  One where it loads the whole site and you have to pinch and expand to see or click most anything and the kind where it the layout is perfect and there is no pinch, grab or zooming.  That kind of site is what is called Mobile Responsive.  Google is rewarding sites like … [Read more...]

3 reasons to keep on writing

Keep on Blogging

The other day I was reading an article titled, "How Will Google Panda 4.0 Affect Your Real Estate Website?".  The article was spot on.  Good Job Lolly! Now, you really don't need to know much about Google's latest Panda update but here's  just a couple of points I want to make sure you understand (and I might as well quote the article) Point … [Read more...]