What Google is looking for in “Mobile Friendly”

areweconnected on mobile

Now that Google's Mobile Friendly Deadline has past I thought I'd write a little about what they are looking for. The big news you might see today is that this update could effect over 40% of the top Fortune 500 websites.  You and I are not in with that crowd but the same rules apply to us little guys.   If you head over to the … [Read more...]

How To: Writing your first blog post

We all have to start some where

Hey, if you've been around WordPress for more than a day or two you could safely skip this post. Now, that doesn't mean you should  - just pass this post up, ok? The truth is that I have a few clients that are brand new to WordPress, blogging and being able to modify most anything on your site all by yourself. They are ready to take their … [Read more...]

Does Google really care about Mobile Responsive Websites?

mobile responsive

So your website is not Mobile Responsive but you think it doesn't really matter, eh?  You can pinch and pull and zoom and it works just fine, right? Here's an email I got from Google for a website I built for a client quite a few years ago. Remember: It's not this site, it's an old client of mine. Google crawled the site and sent the … [Read more...]

Stop building pointless websites!

lost sunset

Stop building pointless websites!  There, I said it. Do you know where your clients are coming from? I just finished a phone interview. It was with a writer, a real estate agent, and me.  The finished article will show up in a large magazine in a month or so.  The idea was to have a conversation about the agent's present and future web … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Spammy emails in MailChimp


Just wanted to follow up with my recent post where I noticed I was getting a bunch of spammy emails subscribing to my newsletter.   I reached out for professional help but here's how I ended up fixing it myself. To recap, most of the emails were coming from @nokiamail.com - a well known site for allowing spammers to create thousands of bogus … [Read more...]

What I do

what I do

It must be something in the air because in the last few weeks I've had numerous people ask what it is that I do. Seriously. While there's too many to mention, from the top of my head Paula Henry (who I'm guessing found out after subscribing to my newsletter) just found out I built sites. Earlier I was in the office of Norma Flaskerud and she … [Read more...]

Highly Questionable Email Subscribers

My Newsletter Subscriber Growth

You might know I LOVE my newsletter system.  It's an automatic, RSS driven newsletter that delivers the posts here on the site directly to my subscribers. There's no other system out there that keeps my name, and what I do, in front of the people that matter most to my business.  It's the Killer Incubation System - you might not be ready for … [Read more...]

Why does your small business need a website?


So you have a small business and you are thinking you need a website.  You might.  The way I see it there's three reasons a small business needs a website.  Let's assume it's properly built, has great SEO tools, and a proper sitemap that's piped directly into Google.  That's a good starting base for any website. Now, let me ask you a simple … [Read more...]