Mise en place

By: Crystal

I make a living building web sites. I'm a web developer. When it comes time to build I find myself scrambling to find the 'assets' the client has provided. The concept of 'Mise en place' can fix that. 'Mise en place' is a french word that applies to cooking but I'm going to apply to web development work too. (yes I just used a french word on my … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: What the heck is CSS?

Question of the week #3

So I'm working on a website for a client that will be a single page website. They are kind of popular these days. We identified the need for having 22 distinct areas on the home page (on a single page website there is ONLY the home page). To create these areas I went into the .php files for the theme and modified them, (four of them).  That … [Read more...]

Questions of the Week #2

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.31.26 AM

Welcome to Questions of the Week, Episode #2. Why am I riding a bike you ask?  Because Jay said so and he's the one who asked the questions for this week. :) Ride like the wind... @MikeMueller — Jay Valento (@hometourjay) June 8, 2015 This week I tackle "What size font should I use on my blog posts?" and "How should I redirect a … [Read more...]

WordPress: It’s as easy as sending an email

Finding the edit button for a post or page

Incredibly, I just had a potential client decide not to build their website with me because they said that they didn't "know" WordPress.  Don't let fear of the unknown scare you away from WordPress. If you know me, you know that I'm always building with the user in mind. When I build a site I want the owner to own the domain name, I want them to … [Read more...]

ABC: Always Be Creating


I'll be the first to tell you. I'm not creative. But going along with the "above the fold is dead" theme, one of the big website design fads right now is having a site with a moving video as the background. I seem to get calls every week. "Can you build me a site like Sotheby's or AirBnB?" The answer is Yes I can. IF you can supply … [Read more...]

“Above The Fold” and Sliders are DEAD

aa322c2d (1)

I recently read two posts, somewhat related, somewhat in contrast, but both thought provoking. The first was about our actions when we come to a site these days. We used to wait till the page loaded, then start at the top left, skim across making an "F" pattern. That meant that all of your important calls to action need to be above the fold. … [Read more...]

What Google is looking for in “Mobile Friendly”

areweconnected on mobile

Now that Google's Mobile Friendly Deadline has past I thought I'd write a little about what they are looking for. The big news you might see today is that this update could effect over 40% of the top Fortune 500 websites.  You and I are not in with that crowd but the same rules apply to us little guys.   If you head over to the … [Read more...]

How To: Writing your first blog post

We all have to start some where

Hey, if you've been around WordPress for more than a day or two you could safely skip this post. Now, that doesn't mean you should [tipso tip="You are on the Newsletter right?"]Unsubscribe[/tipso] - just pass this post up, ok? The truth is that I have a few clients that are brand new to WordPress, blogging and being able to modify most … [Read more...]