5 Reasons you should give blogging a try

Time to get back to blogging

I don't need to tell you what blogging is. I don't need to tell you that it should be on a self hosted WordPress site built with the proper tools. If you've been reading my stuff, you already know it. If you've never blogged, don't have a site, or just slacked off for a while and it's now been ___ months since you last saw your /wp-admin/ - … [Read more...]

15 Tips to get more engagement: Tip #1

What to write about

True Confession:  I wrote down these 15 tips first and started to write a single blog post about them.  Tip #1 was to Start a Blog Series. I was 300+ words into and working on Tip #2 when it dawned on me.  Why am I not taking my own advice? If I list them all it's going to be a pretty big blog post so I broke it down into a series of posts around a … [Read more...]

82% of really smart people said they got the most value from…

cell phone

Poll 3,300 marketing types, ask them what provides the most value (ROI) to them and you'll never guess what the answer is.  It's not an ad campaign.  It's not having a mobile responsive website. (Good guess - but remember these are marketing types)  ;) You are probably getting tired of me gushing on and on about how I live my feed reader - and … [Read more...]

Read more, but read more of what?

searching the web

Way back when I did my series of 20 Blog Tips in 20 Days - one of the tips was simply to read more.  For the cliff notes - if you want to write better - read more. But... Read more of what?  That's the question, isn't it? For one part of the question, write (and read) more of what you are passionate about.  If you have no passion in what … [Read more...]

3 ways to know what to write about (blog topics)


The single biggest objection I hear against blogging is TIME. "I know the blog topics I want to write about, I just don't have the time". It's a cold hard fact. It's going to take up some of your valuable time. You can either squeeze it into your busy schedule or do like I do and write when I have free time (usually at night after … [Read more...]

What makes a bad newsletter?

Just another bad Newsletter

I've recently written a bunch about the importance of having a Newsletter system.  I wrote about the how and the why and gave you 4 Dead Simple Rules.  Over three years ago I wrote about bad newsletters in "More Newsletter DON’Ts: Thanks KW!" Someone asked me (privately) in regards to my last post (on getting a ROI of 4,300%) "Ok, what makes a … [Read more...]

WordPress Basics: The Quick Draft

quick draft entry screen

Have you ever been in the middle of working on something when a great idea hits you for a blog post? 5 minutes later, the thought is gone? (yeah that happens to me all the time) WordPress has a great and underutilized feature called Quick Draft - here's how to make the most of it and never forget another great post idea again! For those not … [Read more...]

On and On about Online Reviews

Recommendations on Linkedin

Online Reviews are great but there's 2 sides to the coin. I'm not talking about good vs bad. I'm talking about Internet Surfers vs the Website Visitor. Here's how to cover both. At the Inman Connect Conference this last week one of the major buzzwords was "Online Reviews".  Instead of giving you everything - here's just three to setup this … [Read more...]

WordPress Basics: Archive Pages

McDowell Roots

One of the wonderful things that WordPress does is organize things with the 'Archive' function.  It's kind of magical in a way. When I hear the word "Archive" I tend to think of hiding or putting something away. Archiving emails makes them disappear from your inbox.  Linkedin has an "archive" box and I'm not sure where they go either - … [Read more...]