Twitter Policy

Hey thanks for following me on Twitter !

I look forward to creating a meaningful connection with you.

Here’s a couple of rules I go by just in case you wondered.

  • I will follow you back. Really.  I probably already have.
  • Speaking of which, I will Un Follow you if I see that your tweet stream is predominately Broadcasts, Blips or Sales Pitches.
  • I will also UnFollow you if your stream contains nothing but expletives.  I know all the words you do and use them in real life and am perfectly ok with them.  But I cannot say the same thing for those that follow me.  My followers will see my conversation with you and although my stream is clean, they will then follow along to your stream. Guilt by Association.  Often times we are judged by those we associate with (fairly or not).

That’s it.

If you are Genuine and Real , we’ll get along just fine! And isn’t that what Social Media is all about anyway?

BTW: Let’s also make sure we’re connected on other channels. All you have to do is click on any of the images on the right sidebar to connect with me on Facebook ,LinkedIn , Flickr or ActiveRain !