May is National Burger Month

File this under Friday Fun

Turns out that May is National Burger Month.
That doesn’t exclude my veggie friends as most every place has a non meat alternative, so stop right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over at A Hamburger Today I found

Here are some events going on in the burger world this month:


Which sounds great an all but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area –
But Hey, I really could get behind this!ย  One of my favorite blogs I follow is and to celebrate, they’re giving away a Canon T3!ย  How cool is that?ย  Here’s the fixins.


A very long time ago I wrote about the ability to create lists on Foursquare and actually created one near and dear to my heart (oops!ย  unintentional inside pun to my friend Jay) My Best Burger List!

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  • Ken Montville

    Nothing like a Brit marketing burgers in Sacramento. That’s what I always say. I do. I always say that.

    • mikemueller

      I think I’ve heard you say that. More than once, I believe.