QR creator

It’s actually part of the new Google URL shortener but it also creates a QR code for you as well!

QR for this post   <= That’s the one for this post!

You can find the new URL shortener by going here:

Enter the Long URL Here

The result will be your very own shortened URL with it’s own QR code off to the right!

Here's your QR

Just for JeremyRight click, save to your hard drive and then use anywhere you want.  When a user takes a picture of your QR they’ll go to that site.  Imagine the possibilities.  For instance – I created this for my friend Jeremy in about 10 seconds.

But did you see the Tracking?  It comes with FREE tracking!  So I tried it by tweeting a single tweet

My single Tweet and in seconds I went to the tracking

tracking results in real time

How cool is that?  More Cool?  The stats are public and live

Want something Uber Cooler? – go to your browser and at the end of any shortened google link just add .qr – see what happens!

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