Top 10 Posts: “Best Practice for Facebook Pages”

Mastering Facebook Pages isn’t easy.  It’s a constant struggle.  Conditions are never sky blue, they are ever changing.  Just when you think you have it, the social network tosses a monkey wrench into the machine.  What’s over the next rise?  We can only guess.  And when we do find out we can only adapt as best we can.

Whether you are new to Facebook Pages or a grizzled veteran with all the recent changes happening I thought I’d collect a few of the most critical posts relating to Facebook Pages.

10.  Posting for Engagement

Five things to improve your post engagement. The balls in your court. What are you going to do?

9.  Facebook Better: Invite Your Friends (Pages)

Mike Mueller Suggests you like his Page – sounds pretty spammy right? Here’s how to do it better

8.  How to drive traffic to your Custom Facebook Page App

Now that you’ve switched your page over to the new Timeline style you can no longer set the “Default Landing Tab” – here’s how to fix it.

7.  Four Reasons to run a Facebook Ad Campaign

I run Facebook Ad Campaigns for small businesses. I see a lot of dumb and wasted ads. Here’s how to do it better.

6.  Move your Apps!

Here’s how to maximize the new Page Timeline with your Custom Facebook Apps.

5.  Facebook Strategies: The Brand Page

Using the world of ketchup as an example, here’s 57 reasons your Brand needs a Custom Facebook Page.

4.  Facebook Strategies: The Community Page

While the community styled page can provide a lot of warm and fuzzy with it’s soft sell approach, if it’s not also providing new business for you I’ll bet you aren’t using these four items.

3.  Facebook Page Timeline Checklist

Here’s the 5 things you ABSOLUTELY must check on your new Facebook Page Timeline right now.

2. Facebook Pages add Admin Roles

You can now set them as Manager (default), Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser (for when I help you run Ad Campaigns) and even Insight Analyst.

1.  Do Page Owners have to Pay to engage with fans?

Facebook has launched Promoted Posts to go along with their Sponsored Stories. Here’s a few things to consider before buying either.

I hope reading these helps you get to the top of mastering that mountain we call Facebook


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