Facebook Ad Rule #3: The Squeeze Page

squishThere are three reasons to run an ad on Facebook.

1.  Brand Recognition

2.  Increase Page Likes / EdgeRank

3.  a specific Call to Action

Pick one, and only one.  Chances are you don’t have money to waste just so people recognize your brand a little better.  Toss out Brand Recognition.  As for the increase in LIKES – it’s tempting but if you only get to pick one, a click for a call to action wins hands down.  Good guess?

So a Call to Action it is!  Let me guess one more thing.  I’ll bet the ad you run in Facebook will lead to a destination.  I know so because the very first thing you see when you create a Facebook Ad is this.

The start to a Facebook Ad


That destination is where, should your ad be so lucky as to get a click, the targeted person is next lead.

The words ‘destination’ and ‘URL’ mean the same, the difference is IF that destination is inside Facebook or on your website.


In either case, either way, inside or outside, NEVER run an ad that that takes them to the Timeline of your Facebook Page or the Home Page of your Website.

Every ad should go to a targeted landing page designed specifically for that ad.  Some people will call that a Squeeze Page.

A Squeeze Page removes as much of the surrounding distractions as possible, addresses the needs from the ad, and offers a solution.  HINT: That’s your Call to Action.  Once the subject is on the Squeeze Page they are presented with information. Noticeably lacking, is any links leading anywhere other that the Call to Action.  They really have two options – close their browser window or follow through with your Call to Action.

That Call to Action could be a simple form capturing their email address in exchange for your sending them a 48 page report, or to call the 800 number, or any other similar Call to Action you can think of.  I build a few real estate websites and the predominate CTA there is the “How much is my home worth?”.  That leads to a form, the form leads to a lead for a CMA (real estate term for Comparative Market Analysis) which the Agent then hopes, leads to a new listing.  Does that make sense?  hmmm….I wonder where my CMA goes?


Oh well, I digress.  No more fooling around.  Back to business.

The reason a Squeeze Page works is because it draws them to a focus.  Your Ad was compelling enough for them to click it.  The copy on the squeeze page further interested them.  The Squeeze Page had no menu bars or other usual website items to distract them so they were better focused.  It’s like a horse with blinders.

So you can understand why running any ad that doesn’t lead to a squeeze page is a mistake right?

I build Squeeze Pages for both within Facebook and for your website.

Let me say that again.  Yes, you can hire me to build a Squeeze Page for your Facebook Page or a highly targeted landing page on your website!  (go ahead, try them both to see what they look like).


Ad rates for destinations within Facebook are always cheaper than the same ad leading to an outside destination.

Oh by the way, Rule #2 is never run an ad campaign without A/B testing, and Rule #1 is never run a single ad – ever.  You were going to ask, right?

Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

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