The New Facebook “Like” Box

The old version of a Facebook Like box

Have a website with your Facebook Page on the sidebar? You know, the one that pulls in your latest page posts or the people that have liked your page? Heads up! Facebook just announced a big change. "With the release of Graph API v2.3, the Like Box plugin is deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd 2015. Use the new Page Plugin instead. … [Read more...]

15 Tips to get more engagement: Tip #5

the path

This post is all about Facebook Page Engagement. Remember that Facebook Page you created titled something like "Mike Mueller Sells Sunny Acres! (555) 555-1234" You know the one. You invited all your 'friends' to LIKE it? Turns out the only ones who liked it were other real estate agents (and your Mom).  It's up to 127 Likes and yet somehow … [Read more...]

Should you run a Facebook Ad?

The Lazy Way to do Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have been in the media focus these last few weeks.  Let's start with a video you might have seen or at least heard about... Did you watch it? With 1.6 million views, there's a good chance you've already seen it. If you didn't, I'll save you the 9 minutes. Here's a synopsis... The video is an expose of sorts on the … [Read more...]

How to post on other Pages

Facebook Developer Garage

Last Friday someone asked a simple question about how to post to a Page. I say it's a simple question in that I understand what she wants to do.  It becomes confusing when you start talking about Pages and Profiles and posting from one to the other.  If you are not clear on a Page versus a Profile  read that post. So lets see if I can answer … [Read more...]

Facebook Ad Rule #3: The Squeeze Page


There are three reasons to run an ad on Facebook. 1.  Brand Recognition 2.  Increase Page Likes / EdgeRank 3.  a specific Call to Action Pick one, and only one.  Chances are you don't have money to waste just so people recognize your brand a little better.  Toss out Brand Recognition.  As for the increase in LIKES - it's tempting but if … [Read more...]

Your Facebook App is Broken

Like a Broken Facebook App

It is. Really. That money you paid that social media 'GURU" to "optimize" your Facebook Business Page really had no idea what they were doing.  They sounded like they did - but they didn't. They took your money and then built your App using a free service. That free service gave them an empty box.  Whatever they put into that box created … [Read more...]

Fix My Facebook Fan Page (MyPhillyAlive)

Wheel of Fortune

How's this for a series? You have a problem you need fixed on your Facebook Fan Page You ask and I show you how to fix it Only I'm going to do it with video and use it as a blog post.  This way, when others have the same issue, they'll be able to fix it themselves too. Let's call it... Fix My Fan Page! Yeah I know that sounds as cheesy as … [Read more...]