How NOT to Guest Post

Welcome to AreWeConnected, where I have my opinions and I’m not afraid to voice them.


What’s better than listening or reading about Mike endlessly drabbling on how to do social media or technology right?

Listening to the opinions and voices of others.
That’s maybe why I value my feed reader so much (I read around 200+ posts a day).

But since you are here, and so am I, why not express your opinion on AreWeConnected too?

You can do that in the comments or better yet, write a Guest Post!

Yes I did just invite YOU to Guest Post.
You can do it once, or you can write as often as you like.
You’ll be unedited, unfiltered, and able to reach a different audience outside your normal sphere.
Oh, and you can insert some wonderful backlinks for yourself along the way too!
(that should be a HUGE part of your SEO game plan)

I have guidelines here: Posting & Comment Policy
But first, let me show you how NOT to get that coveted guest post position…  It’s pretty simple.

Just be REAL people.  Is that too hard?

NOTE:  Patricia may in fact be real, unfortunately I can’t verify that.  Also unfortunately, her computer has been hacked by someone named Margaret. 😉

What’s an IP?  I.P. Addresses track individual computers, every ‘puter has one and every one is different.

If you are REAL, and verifiable, we (the internet) would love to have you guest post! (really)


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  • Patrick Healy

    I do love me some scammers!

  • Greg Fleischaker

    Great stuff, I would have never thought of checking their IP address.

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