Guest Post and Comment Policy

Want to guest post on  It’s really easy.  Here’s how.

Send me an email – that’s all.  I’ll add you as a contributor.  Add the content you want to your profile and it’ll show up (with links) at the bottom of your post.

Guest Post Guidelines

Here’s a few rules…

  • You have to be a real person.
  • Got Gravatar?  This site also uses Disqus (you should have that too).
  • PG-13 or less.  Why?  The same reason as my Twitter Follow Policy.
  • Write about anything you like as long as it ties into social media somehow.
  • The most important rule: Pictures are great, video is great.  Are the pictures yours?  They either are or you have a Creative Commons license to use them (for a commercial blog) and you give them proper attribution.  No exceptions, eh?
  • Include links back to your site as you see fit but try not to overly sell yourself, let others do that for you.
  • Have an opinion, have a sense of humor, but don’t pick on individuals with either one.

And a few hints…

  • Promote your own post on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and so on (others here will do so as well).
  • Respond to every comment where they happen and as soon as possible.
  • Bring your best stuff.  You’ll get more traction with less frequency and better quality.

Comment Policy

Want to leave a comment?    Rock on!  We gotz rules…

  • Got Gravatar?  (that gives your comment a picture next to it)
  • Discussion is highly encouraged.
  • You get to leave a link to your website when you leave a a comment.  You don’t have to leave yet another within your comment (that’s spammy).
  • Comments are also PG-13 here.
  • It’s ok to NOT agree with the opinion of the post or the other comments.  Disagree all you like but be nice and don’t attack the person.
  • When you comment you also have the ability to share or tweet that.  Extra bonus kudos to those that do.  I hear those that do get better gas mileage and lose less kittens up trees.  That’s what I’ve heard.