I just want to see the updates from Pages

Some people push the LIKE button with little or no thought.  Others choose to LIKE certain pages with a specific meaning and purpose.  They LIKED a few pages with the thought and understanding that when they did, the updates on the Page’s Wall would show up to them.   In effect, they “subscribed” to the page because they wanted to be kept abreast of the news coming from that page.  Does that describe you?  If so, this post is just for you!

Those messages on your favorite pages – where do they go?

They are not on your Wall

They are not on your News Feed

So, where are they?

Actually they are there, it’s just Facebook has tried to deliver to you what it thinks is the most relevant information and for you it’s getting it wrong.

If you are mentioned or commented on a page’s posts they’ll show up on your Wall and Notifications section.   Truth is, most pages are not going to mention you by name.

In the News Feed it probably won’t show up in your “Top News” but they will in the “Most Recent“.   The problem is that all your friends are in that stream as well.  There’s a thing called EdgeRank (that’s yet another post)

So how do you filter out everything except just the pages you’ve liked?  Here’s a simple link:  http://www.facebook.com/?sk=pp That’s all you need.


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Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

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Mike Mueller
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    How do you keep up with it all Mike? FB changes so rapidly it’s like once you post some insights how do you know they won’t just change things again?

    By the way… would you mind sharing what Theme you use for this blog. I am building a few niche sites right now and I am looking for some feed back on wp themes?