How to kill a bad Facebook App

Your Facebook Profile has been hacked?  It’s tagging pictures of all your friends or perhaps something worse?  No worries – let’s fix it.  The culprit is probably a 3rd party App.

Even if you haven’t been hacked every once in a while it’s always a good idea to go into the Facebook Apps section and remind yourself of the Apps you’ve given access to over time.  That seems reasonable right?  The problem most people have no idea how to find them.

Here’s the easiest way.  If you are logged in to your account simply go here:

That link works for you, and it works for me.  It takes you directly to the Apps you’ve added and have long since forgotten about.



Go ahead and delete every 3rd party app.  Don’t worry, don’t think, just delete them all.  Chances are it was just one of these that is causing the problem.  Now go change your login password.  In theory, everything should be back to normal again.  Now you can start adding “trusted” Apps back in.


It’s still a good idea to review the Apps and remove the ones you’ve rarely used.  Scroll to the bottom and start there.  If you don’t recognize an App I would guess it’s safe to remove it.

Now that you know this – the best thing you could do is share it with all your friends!  (hint, hint)

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Mike Mueller

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