Groups Gone Wild (or bad)

Hey Mark Zuckerberg!

Dude, I know it’s been a while since we last chatted.  You’ve been busy, I’ve been busy.  There was that timeline thing, then that IPO thing.  Boy does time fly. But hey, I was just wondering


Facebook Profiles are for individuals, and the T.O.S. specifically prohibits my posting of commercial content into my stream…

And IF

Facebook Pages are meant for commercial content, to the extent that you have a HELP section in the website devoted to getting my commercial content ‘seen’.  (yet for some reason your Page Cover Photo cannot contain a website, call to action, phone number or other garbldy gook)


Why in the world is it ok for GROUPS to have a cover photo like this or post commercial content like this?

I’m talking my world, your world, Bill Gate’s world.  Heck, would this even be ok in MLM World?

Here’s another one…

ESPECIALLY when they create Apps like this!

Aside from the photo, aside from the commercial content,

“Add 3,000+ Friends and I’ll add the 1 click add to your facebook group”????

If you ask me, that looks like a HUGE Problem.

For those that don’t know.
MLM’s cannot run Facebook Ads.  (neither can a mail order bride business)
Yup!  Facebook specifically says – NO ADS for MLM or other get rich schemes.

Groups also don’t have the same guidelines that Profiles and Pages do.  It’s the wild west for groups.
Consider the fact that anyone of my 5,000 ‘friends’ can add me to any group without my permission and then it’s up to me to leave that group or turn off notifications.

It looks like the MLM, spammers, and other get rich douchebags have found a very nice loophole.

Mark, I know you are busy with other things but gosh darn I think this may be pretty important so I’ll just sit here, eagerly awaiting your response.  You’ve got my email addy or we could always do a Hangout – we’re in circles over there.  Oh and you’ve got my Cell number so call me maybe?
Thanks Buddy!  :)

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