Custom Facebook Page Apps

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Apps for Welcome Tabs
$400 branded / $650 unbranded
Are you ready to bring your business into Facebook?
I’ll build a Custom Facebook Application for your business page in both secure and standard format. Why is that important? Here’s a video on why!
Hand built to your design and specifications, and at the new 810px width!

This single app can be added to as many pages as you want.
This is built for Visitor to LIKE Conversion and Engagement.
All Images and links go back to your website. I’ll bring in various aspects of your website as well (calls to action).
Have video? Great! I’ll embed it and style it right on the page.
Depending on your page needs, it may even have Expanding Sections or Popups!
Either of which can be used to reveal content yet preserve valuable space. This might be for just one section or a whole series of sections.
The cost? Just $400!
Ready to get started?
Apps for Ad Campaigns
$125 unbranded
Want to show an ad to just 35-45 year old married females, who are college graduates, who love ‘Sex in the City’ and ‘Maroon 5′, AND who are friends of people who have already liked you page but have not yet liked your page themselves, AND live in a particular area code, AND only show that ad in the evenings, AND just pay per click, AND do it all cheaply?
That’s the power of Facebook Demographics and Ads!
This isn’t about getting new likes to your page. This isn’t a Welcome Tab. This is about one single Call to Action and getting that ad responder to commit to the next step. Plain and simple.
* Order my product!
* Sign up now!
* How much is my home worth?
* Stop Foreclosure Now!
For that reason, NEVER run a Facebook Ad Campaign without sending them to a targeted squeeze page designed just for that Ad. EVER! Do so, and you are wasting your marketing dollars!
Custom Built for just $125