Custom Facebook Ad Campaigns

Few people know that I also build apps for Facebook Ads
These squeeze page apps are quick and get response.

Buy one or as many as you think you’ll need, once built they are yours forever.  Run the same app on as many different ads as you like.  Turn the ad on or aff as you like.  Here’s a sample on Facebook:  Cost is only $125!

Facebook allows us to create ad campaigns that narrow down to extremely minute demographics.
When you launch a campaign you have fabulous control. For example, you can:
  • Pick or chose the tab they land on when they click your ad
  • Narrow down to the zip code!
  • Target an particular interest of theirs (items found in their bios and pages they like)
  • Target only those that have not LIKE’d your Page
  • Or even just the friends of those that have!
You can set a daily budget, run times, stop and start, and really fine tune the campaign.

Want to show an ad to 35-45 year old married females, who are college graduates, who love ‘Sex in the City” and Maroon 5, who are friends of people who have already liked you page but have not yet liked your page themselves, AND live in a particular area code, AND only show that ad in the evenings, AND just pay per click, AND do it cheaply?

That’s the power of Facebook Demographics and Ads!
This isn’t about getting new likes to your page. This isn’t about Default Landing Tabs. This is about one single Call to Action and getting that ad responder to commit to the next step. Plain and simple.
“Order my product!”
“Sign up now!”
“How much is my Home Worth?”
“Stop Foreclosure Now!”
For that reason, NEVER run a Facebook Ad Campaign without sending them to a targeted squeeze page designed just for that Ad. EVER!
Do so, and you are wasting your marketing dollars!

I build specifically designed squeeze apps for ads for very large PR Firms, Individual Page Owners and everyone in between. These might be for a single day campaign or a long running campaign. Each are uniquely designed for that single call to action.
For just $125

I’ll build a targeted squeeze tab, unbranded, for your next campaign. It’s going to be custom built to precisely match your ad. It can link back to your website, contain a form, or even just a phone number.  Here’s a Sample Ad App in Facebook

Need help making a video?  I’ll help you with that as well!

If you are doing A/B testing we can either create two different apps or go with the single app for both ads depending on what you want.

 Guess what you need to do next?

Debating between Facebook vs Google Ads?

Facebook vs Google Ads - There's NO debate!