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By: Crystal

Mise en place

When it came to get ‘cooking’ on their website I found myself scrambling all over my digital pantry looking for the missing ingredients. Not any more. Now, everything will be in it’s place! Continue reading

Question of the week #3

Question of the Week: What the heck is CSS?

I had a few people ask, “What the heck is CSS” so I thought it would be perfect topic for this “Question of the Week” Episode. Most every website today is made up of a combination of code (in WP that’s .php) some scripts, some html, and CSS to make it all look pretty. Continue reading

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Questions of the Week #2

Every Week I answer your questions. Sometimes I get it wrong.
This week I tackle “What size font should I use on my blog posts?” and
“How should I redirect a subdirectory I have on my website?” Continue reading

And so much more…

what I do

What I do

The last few weeks I’ve had numerous people ask what it is that I do. Too big for an elevator pitch, here’s the Top 10 things I can do for your business. Continue reading

5ive questions with

5ive Questions with Dana Moos

It took long enough but I finally got around to asking Dana Moos 5ive Questions. She’s a non stop dynamo of great content and very successful at what she does. How does she do it all? Check out her answers! Continue reading

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Questions of the Week! (#1)

Inspired by Gary V, this week I tackle a question about WordPress, one about MailChimp and another about Google. I also want to shine the light on a few others that are doing this right. Continue reading

Just Launched

Amy wanted something that delivered exactly what her clients were looking for in a clean and simple format. We built to be axactly what she was looking for. Continue reading

Sasha Lopez and her new website She wanted something visually appealing, modern, and mobile responsive. It also is SEO ready to zoom! Continue reading

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