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riding across the desert

I’m back!

I’m back from vacation. I’m energized and rejuvenated! Along the way I contemplated my business plan and have some incredible changes coming. Here’s a peek at why I need to change. Continue reading

And so much more…

what I do

What I do

The last few weeks I’ve had numerous people ask what it is that I do. Too big for an elevator pitch, here’s the Top 10 things I can do for your business. Continue reading

What is a podcast?

Podcasting, Blogging and RSS

We all prefer content is different ways. With the same message, how people consume that same content should be up to them. Which leads me to ask, “Is an embedded sound file really a podcast?” Continue reading

Just Launched

the top of

Rebecca already had a site, what she needed was to make changes to the design, add calls to action and create new forms. We created a list and then made the site look and work the way she wanted it to. Continue reading

Amy wanted something that delivered exactly what her clients were looking for in a clean and simple format. We built to be axactly what she was looking for. Continue reading

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