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By: Crystal

Mise en place

When it came to get ‘cooking’ on their website I found myself scrambling all over my digital pantry looking for the missing ingredients. Not any more. Now, everything will be in it’s place! Continue reading

And so much more…

what I do

What I do

The last few weeks I’ve had numerous people ask what it is that I do. Too big for an elevator pitch, here’s the Top 10 things I can do for your business. Continue reading

Question of the week #3

Question of the Week: What the heck is CSS?

I had a few people ask, “What the heck is CSS” so I thought it would be perfect topic for this “Question of the Week” Episode. Most every website today is made up of a combination of code (in WP that’s .php) some scripts, some html, and CSS to make it all look pretty. Continue reading

Just Launched

the top of

Rebecca already had a site, what she needed was to make changes to the design, add calls to action and create new forms. We created a list and then made the site look and work the way she wanted it to. Continue reading

Amy wanted something that delivered exactly what her clients were looking for in a clean and simple format. We built to be axactly what she was looking for. Continue reading

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