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New Website Building Punchlist

People say Website Design is complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Whether you DIY or hire out to a Pro, here’s the 8 things you’ll need before you get started.


The Perfect Community Page

Every Real Estate site has pages for it’s Communities. Most are sad examples. Here’s what they are doing wrong and what they should do instead.

responsive design

Why I had to change the Theme (yet again)

Google says they’ll discount sites that are NOT Mobile Responsive in their search engine results. Here’s what Mobile Responsive is, what it means and what it does

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The Lazy Way to do Facebook Ads

Should you run a Facebook Ad?

There’s only 3 reasons to run a Facebook Ads. You have to have a goal. Here’s the 3 goals you get. Pick ONE and ONLY ONE of the following three.

Facebook Developer Garage

How to post on other Pages

Posting on other Pages is tricky. You can post as your Profile or as your Page – here’s how to make that happen and the way Page Owners may be stopping you

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